Welcome to Data Line - VOIP

Welcome to Data Line - VOIP! Business VOIP

Here at Dataline.net.au we hope to clear up the confusion surrounding VOIP technology. More and more businesses are realising the benefits of a VOIP solution, and this website should provide the information on installing and configuring a VOIP network in your home or office.
VOIP, or Voice Over IP, is a great cost saver, with phone calls and fax calls being routed over an IP data line, at minimal cost. We aim to provide information relating to cheap VOIP solutions, VOIP phones, and all the intricacies involved in setting up your own network. And what's more, we provide this information FREE!

This website is aimed to bring you a brief overview of Business VOIP, VOIP Providers, VOIP Solution
We will update this site with news, views and ideas as they come to hand. Check back often for regular updates....

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